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A look at real estate in the time of COVID-19

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With all the negative effects of the global health crisis across most industries, Bryan Cumby, founder and CEO of Cumby Group in Austin, Texas, believes that people can still make it through these trying times.

The real estate industry, for one, has taken quite a blow, with the general weakening of the housing market earlier this year. The good news is that from May to July, things have somewhat normalized, with more potential homebuyers making their presence felt.

The coronavirus’ effect on how people live their lives, especially in the financial aspect, has been more than evident. According to Bryan Cumby, people have shifted toward looking for safer places such as homes to buy.

Another huge change the real estate industry has taken on to cope with the times is how they show properties to potential buyers. It’s a fortunate happenstance that over the past decade, virtual and augmented reality technologies have developed alongside video call conferencing. All these technological techniques and methods have allowed real estate companies today to show people homes from a distance, observing safety protocols such as social distancing.

And with the economy gradually on the way up and with the steady rise of potential buyers and people who realize they need homes, Bryan Cumby is optimistic about the future of the real estate industry.

What about you? What are your thoughts about investing in property at this time? Feel free to share your thoughts with Bryan Cumby in the comments section below.

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With 20+ years of experience in the real estate and development industry, Bryan Cumby has established a deep expertise in site selection, real estate development, construction, sales and leasing. Visit this page for more information on his work.

Bryan Cumby is the Founder and CEO of Cumby Group, an integrated Austin builder and developer that establishes an array of housing options within the urban core

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